What’s It All About?

I grew up on LEGO, eating it, chewing it and playing with it until my family moved back to the UK, where in a moment of madness, I allowed my parents to sell my entire collection at a carboot sale. That was 20 years ago. I have since grown-up to regret that decision and have realized that deep-down inside of me is a little kid trying to get back out.

This website was conceived in Hong Kong the day my wife bought me my first LEGO minifigure, and is built upon 3 loves: 1) My love of LEGO, 2) my love of the internet, and 3) the love of my wife – in the sense that she lets me use her camera whenever I want and puts up with me when I leave LEGO bits all over the house. That must be love.

I started posting polaroid photos up on facebook and displaying my collection of mini-figures in a nice clear acrylic box. I thought this was really quite something, until my lovely wife encouraged me to be a little more creative with my photographs. That’s when I started looking for ideas and playing around with WordPress to see how I could effectively blog about it. The Theme I am currently using is called Modularity Lite and is created by Graph Paper Press.

It was on the internet that I found my main inspiration, in the form of three brilliant websites called: The Brick Testament, HKLUG and LEGO365. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to make something like The Brick Testament, have the skill, patience or pieces to make stuff like the guys at HKLUG or the discipline to take a photo every-single-day like Dan Phelps at LEGO365; but I do have a new found passion for LEGO, and I guess that’s all that really matters.

My aim is to post a photo up every day, but I’ll settle for frequently, and my hope is to have enough of them to put into a book or a calendar one day. As a wise LEGO-sage probably once said, “all great LEGO projects begin with one simple piece”, and if I can start by simply brightening someone’s day up – I’m satisified.

If you’d like to contact me (or send me any LEGO) my email is: mark[at]marknam.com


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  1. andrew

    OMG ! it’s the old version of bobba !!!! he looked so much better back then.

    May 24, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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