My LEGO Sets

One question I frequently get asked is, “What is your favourite LEGO theme?” 

Tough question. Growing up I really enjoyed playing with the Castle and Space themes – they were really fun, but my favourite was definitely Pirates. Even as a kid, I found something undeniably cool about the bad-guys. My favorite minifigure wasn’t a pirate though, it was a character called “Blacktron” who was the original LEGO Space villain. He was so bad that he came packaged in a jail cell, and he even spawned a new line of LEGO called LEGO Space Police, just to apprehend him.

I guess that’s why I find the licensed themes so appealing, especially the recent Star Wars® and Batman® sets. I mean, how cool is LEGO Darth Vader? He simply epitomizes contemporary badness. Or Black-suited Batman? The ultimate anti-hero.

Yet despite how cool the superhero and movie tie-ins are, and even though I’ll always have a place in my heart for Pirates (thanks in part to the legendary Monkey Island video games), my all time favourite LEGO theme has to be “City” (previously called “Town” up until 2005).

I admit “City” may not have the initial “Wow!” factor that other themes have, but when it comes to building a collection, or in this case a city, this theme has it all. There is an endless number of buildings, vehicles and situations to construct; I guess that’s why video-games like Sim-City had such a vice-like grip on me in my teenage years. Besides, where else are all my little minifigures going to live? (a question posed to me by my ever practical wife). Incidentally, you get more bricks-per-dollar when you buy City LEGO sets because they doesn’t suffer the extra cost associated with having a license.

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