Whilst I certainly enjoy taking photographs, I don’t consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I would say I’m more of a random-clicker, in that I randomly choose different settings and click-away in the hope that one of my shots looks somewhat deliberate or artistically nonchalant.

I use my wife’s camera, which is a Canon EOS 500D and our first ever DSLR. I’m currently working my way through the manual and trying to decide what lens to go for and whether it’s really worth it. I still prefer using my old Canon IXUS 700 which is a lot simpler to operate, although I’m slowly weaning myself off the familiar, in the hope of taking better photographs.

I occasionally use the built in camera on my iPhone 3GS which is utter rubbish. I really only use it for┬áthe Camera Bag app which applies neat little effects on the go. For more serious edits, I use Photoshop. My wife and I have also had a go at making a DIY light-box using instructions from this website. We like making things together and it’s much cheaper that buying the real thing.

Not really classified as equipment, but there are a couple of other useful iPhone apps on the iTunes store. The Brickset app helps keeps track of all your LEGO sets (and wishlists), and LEGO Minifigures is a fun app which catalogues your minifigure collection. Other than that, I carry around a guitar plectrum tin that I got for Christmas. It fits two little minifigures inside which means I can take photographs wherever I am, although it’s not always easy deciding which two minifigs to take with me in the morning.

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