Star Wars

September 10 2011 – Growing The Empire

August 26 2011 – The First Clone

August 19 2011 – Heads Will Roll

August 11 2011 – Searching For Ewoks

June 25 2011 – Stars In Their Eyes

June 13 2011 – Wall-E Spots Some New Friends

“Be quiet R2! I don’t care if he looks friendly. Just keep still and don’t say anything”.

June 09 2011 – The Rebels Secret Weapon (Part 3 of 3)

Han and Chewie applied the finishing touches to the Rebels latest weapon, code named “Wall-E”, ¬†and were quietly confident that it would turn the tide against The Empire’s tyrannical reign.

June 07 2011 – The Rebels Secret Weapon (Part 2 of 3)

The Rebels latest weapon required assembly, and no-one really knew what it was going to look like, except for the Wookie.

June 05 2011 – The Rebels Secret Weapon (Part 1 of 3)

The Rebels hatched a new plan, and the excitement mounted as they prepared to roll it out.

June 02 2011 – Bad Wookie

“C’mon Chewie! How many times have I told you to clean up after yourself?”

May 14 2011 – Thor And His Mighty Hammer

The worker’s spirits always lifted, when Thor was on hand with his mighty hammer.

Mar 09 2011 – Someone Needs To Go On A Diet

May 03 2011 – Window Shopping

The latest in chrome cladding was at the top of every storm-troopers shopping list.

Apr 30 2011 – No stupid, “S-H-O-P”

As the workmen put the final touches on the new town emporium, ST-301 spotted a glaring mistake.

Apr 28 2011 – Oops…

Apr 26 2011 – Red Card

Apr 25 2011 – Foul Play

The Lego-Town star striker had no idea his season was about to come to a grinding halt.

Mar 26 2011 – Battle Of The Gladiators

Mar 13 2011 – Boba Fett Immortalized In Acrylic

Mar 10 2011 – Tell The Painter I Want Him To Capture My Best Side

Feb 21 2011 – That Stupid Dog, Fetch Me My Gun

Feb 13 2011 – Building The Empire, Brick By Brick

Under the watchful gaze of Boba-Fett, the workers pressed on to complete the new fire station before sundown.

Jan 24 2011 – Teach Me How To Fly

“Quit calling it a toy and tell me how to fly this thing! This is your last chance.”

Jan 16 2011 – Another Rebel

“Your Excellency, we found one of the insurgents hiding amongst the vegetables – he keeps asking to see The Claw.”