Modular Building

May 03 2011 – Window Shopping

The latest in chrome cladding was at the top of every storm-troopers shopping list.

Apr 30 2011 – No stupid, “S-H-O-P”

As the workmen put the final touches on the new town emporium, ST-301 spotted a glaring mistake.

Mar 28 2011 – A Tragic Case Of Mistaken Identity

As Batman approached the dead body, his worst fears were confirmed – he’d been shooting at the wrong clown.

Mar 24 2011 – Robin Asks Batman For A New Bike

Mar 22 2011 – We’re Only Going For Two Weeks!

It was no use arguing, so Mark went back into the house and fetched the kitchen sink.

Feb 13 2011 – Building The Empire, Brick By Brick

Under the watchful gaze of Boba-Fett, the workers pressed on to complete the new fire station before sundown.

Jan 26 2011 – Not Another Monkey Head

As Chef cooked up the next course, Indie thought hard of a way to excuse himself from the specially prepared monkey-brain stew, that had been offered to him on numerous occasions sinceĀ that scene in ‘The Temple of Doom’.

Jan 23 2011 – The Dark Knight

Jan 08 2011 – Don’t Move!

Don't Move!